16. Pandora

April 14, 2013

Pandora copy
As I’m sure my many readers will have noted, I haven’t added to or even looked at my blog here since… let’s look, yes, five months back. I’ve actually forgotten how to work with the WordPress template that I use! I don’t like using it, but I’m hopeful that WordPress will help me get my words and piccies ‘out there’. The art of promotion/marketing, whatever, is a skill-set I don’t have, it’s time-consuming, difficult and something else to forget after five months. I haven’t looked at the blog because, as usual I’ve been chasing other projects—three actually, but I’ll just tell you all about the one.

On and off over years I’ve spent an awful lot of time designing a game, which is ironic because I don’t like games or playing them. I think what’s happened is I’ve been enthralled with the visual object to the exclusion of ever bothering to test it—keeping my fingers crossed, more and more as the intermittent hours/weeks added up. Of course, the sensible and obvious path is to construct the simplest prototype and play the damned thing over and over. But that takes a systematic and serious temperament neither of which tendencies are to be found in my character (much as I’d like them to be).

I’ve seen other people use this technique: overlook the preparation, determined it’ll all turn out right just because they earnestly hope it will, the fools. High risk to the point of folly gamblers. I suppose that is a game I like to play, though, isn’t it? No, I’m just lazy. No, I’m not, I’m just arty. It’s a lovely object and now I’ve designed a lovely box to hold it. Perhaps I’ll call it ‘Waste of Time’ which is what most games are right? No, I won’t do that, it’s altogether too elegant, I love just looking at it. I’ll name it ‘Aspiration’.

Note: Yesterday afternoon, belatedly, I did start exploring the moves. By now there’s such a lot riding on its viability, I’m almost too frightened to find out the truth—I can’t handle it! All the same, the spirit moved me, and the play didn’t immediately flatline, nor was moving the pieces as clunky as I’d half-expected so, tomorrow, tentatively, I’ll put it through a few more paces. Keep y’ posted in five months.

2 Responses to “16. Pandora”

  1. eric Says:

    I want to play the game, bring it when your come to the west coast…

  2. eric90049 Says:

    Can’t wait to play your new game, bring out west this spring…

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