33. horoflage

January 18, 2014

(click on the pic to enlarge)

   After I’d crossed her palm with silver, I asked Madam Zalopa, “Why only six zodiac signs, what happened to the other six?

   Madam addressed me with a thick Siberian expression, “Kristal ball tell… you stupid name Ari, no?.. Why no other six, eh, Ari? Because nobodies interestink born under other six. Any more stupid qvestion?”

   “Yes, Madam Zaloper, is it true there are infact thirteen zodizc signs if one is to include Ophiuchus and of course one is? And is it true as well, the signs have advanced or slipped back since Babylonian times so that Gemini comes up when it’s still only Taurus according to newspaper horoflage charts?.. or do I mean Gemini doesn’t turn up till it’s Cancer’s time—I forget exactly, but you know what I mean.”

   “Iss two stupid qvestion, but no prob, Mr.Cheap—Ari. Are you know that if I kiss—you turn into frog? You like see if thiss true?”

2 Responses to “33. horoflage”

  1. eric90049 Says:

    Pretty funny but…why only 6 again:)

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