35. statistics speaking

January 26, 2014


   Two days ago, Martian Myers (megabrain astronomy fanatic) said to me, If one million earthlings were to emigrate to Mars every year, how long would it take before everyone was up there?
   About fifty years, I said.
   It would take six thousand years.
   I thought it was a joke: I don’t believe it! I said.
   Martian said, That’s because you’re stupid. Six billion earthlings. Get a pencil and work it out.
   I’ve just finished and he’s right, like always.
   In case you hadn’t thought of it, he said, carrying on today, That would be as long as all of history back to the start of Egypt. I’ll tell you something else, he droned, If everybody had two kids, the population of Earth would be halved in a hundred years, but don’t try to work it out.
   Don’t worry, I said, I’m not that interested.

2 Responses to “35. statistics speaking”

  1. eric90049e Says:

    2 kids, half the population in 100 years…hmmmmm this would put a dent in the market….:)

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