38. now for something almost completely different.

April 1, 2014

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I’ve been writing a screenplay and not for the first time. I love doing it! You’d have to because it’s never going to make it to the big screen or to any screen or even be read with the respectful imaginative attention it deserves through page 203 American-letter size. It’s futile to imagine you might get it optioned let alone produced and be invited to direct. Don’t—don’t go there. Start out with the right attitude, however, and you’ll have enormous fun: What if… and onward. The first page is always the best; limitless, anything’s possible. Then it starts getting turgid, you get more and more locked in; to characters, to the fact that people can’t fly in this story, to drudging through necessary boring bits in the by now boring story and so on. So you stop writing and a year later in the middle of writing another screenplay that’s arrived at the same yawn, you get a flutter of reinspiration for the first one. Jubilate! It’s all back on again. It needs a bit of research to get this right, and that doesn’t work, but I can come back to that… The AAM, the absolute amateur method. I swear by it, it’s never let me down. Thank you Robert McKee.

Things are very different this time though. See—in addition to natural genius, wannabes need luck, for example, in the shape of a real pro to read it right to the end and be generous enough to risk their own reputation and credibility recommending it to a hard-won contact in a mega-agency. Cool.

Things are very different this time. This time I’m ready for the success. I’ve wisely pondered how to cope with being half a millionaire and famus and—think positive—written out my Academy Awards acceptance speech. And, when the bidding war begins, not to go automatically for the maximum money but instead give that special director and production company the chance to realise my script up there as I know it can be. Yes. And now back to one’s ever-popular blog. Tell you what, though, click here, you can judge the magnum opus—10 pages, for yourself.

2 Responses to “38. now for something almost completely different.”

  1. Finish it already….:)

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