41. St. Pancras

April 26, 2014

(click on the pic to enlarge)


   Ray forced me to go out drawing in the draughty street, something I haven’t done in yonks. I believe it was through a conversation with Steve in the ’80’s that this secret drawer was exposed, daring to sketch out there and in yer face. In fact, I went to Florence and—didn’t genuflect in the Uffizi, only had a day or two—just drew in the streets and the market.Then I stopped doing it. Now I’ve started again.

   You know that vague feeling where you’re really looking forward to the city being finished? And they tell you this bit will be… in, like, 2022. What use is that to someone my age? The truth is the city won’t ever be finished—no, I mean this is the finished city, not a work in progress, the opposite, this is always it. Thank you, Raymondo.

3 Responses to “41. St. Pancras”

  1. Ray Wright Says:

    Love the drawing, Harry. Looks even better with colour on. I really enjoyed it too – must do it again soon.

  2. Steve Harris Says:

    Ari, I see you picked a nice quiet spot.

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